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Slash-IT is a team specializing in the creation of websites, Android applications and SEO for SMEs and celebrities in Morocco. It is made up of a group of programmers, designers and industrial designers who help you create your site, whether for a showcase site, e-commerce or to advertise your business. Their mission is to accompany you, to ensure the establishment of your site with their resources ready to satisfy you.


Creative Sites

Do you want a website? A blog? Do you have any idea how to create a website? With so many options, how are you supposed to know which option is the best? First and foremost, what is slash-it? They are programmers who allow you to design and develop your own website through an easy interface that takes all the hard work. You can get a beautiful and functional website without having to understand technical details like code even for your online store. With your own website, you can have your own space on the internet; Whether it’s to write a blog, start an ecommerce business or sell your antique collection.

Graphic Design

Are you looking for a web designer for the creation of the web design of your website? Our graphic designers take care of the design of your web interface and determine the navigation, the layout, the ergonomics and the tree structure of your website.
Ergonomics, user experience, web interface, we perfectly match the needs of your users and mobile users with our creativity. Our expertise from 10 years of experience allows us to design web and mobile interfaces that are perfectly adapted to the use of your website.
Slash-it helps you to design a website corresponding to the concept you have imagined, integrating your strategic issues and taking into account the needs of your target customers.

Mobile Application

The world has reached the pinnacle point of development where mobile apps development plays an indispensable role. Transformation from unpenetrated to penetrated market has further elevated the need of mobile apps and especially Android one. Slash-it designers are qualified and experienced enough to create any type of Android apps that will not only uplift your ROI but would also ensure your long-run survival.


E-mailing is a method of direct marketing that uses e-mail as a means of mass commercial communication to send messages to an audience. The term is generally used to refer to:

  • Sending emails to strengthen an advertiser’s relationship with current and past customers to encourage customer loyalty.

  • The sending of commercial e-mails in order to acquire new customers or to persuade existing customers to buy a good or a service now or in the future.

  • The sending of newsletters in order to provide value-added content to its customers in order to retain them, be relayed and gain brand image.


Below is only a small set of our templates

  • Homeless

    October 14, 2018

    is a powerful and versatile one page theme with perfect design and exceptional features.

  • Save children

    October 14, 2018

    is one of the powerful themes for homeless children, and you can use it for different landing pages like donation pages




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  • 1 1

    Wordpress developer

    He will use the model created by the integrator and "inject" the actual contents. he will make the site administrable using the wordpress by the customer and will pass the site online.

  • 2 2

    Web developer (Laravel or Symfony)

    He will use the model created by the integrator and "inject" the actual contents. he will make the site administrable by the customer and will pass the site online.

  • 3 3

    Graphic designer or web designer

    The designer based on the visual identity of the customer and the wireframe produces a graphic model. This is the visual concept of the site. What it will look like. At this stage the pages are not images.

  • 4 4

    Web integration

    he creates a functional model based on the graphic model. This new tool will allow to have a real rendering of the site in a browser. But the contents are fake. Like a skeleton.

  • 5 5


    The web referencer's mission is to position a site from a list of keywords or the creation of special pages, in order to optimize the visibility and reputation of the site and increase its audience.


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